❝Your hand found mine.
Life rushed to my fingers like a blood clot.❞

Anne Sexton, “The Touch,” from Love Poems (via lifeinpoetry)

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❝I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me.❞

Jorge Luis Borges (via rauchwolken)

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François Hubert Drouais and Studio, Portrait of a Lady, said to be Mademoiselle de Forges (details)

c. 1770 

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❝She felt as if she were standing on the edge of a precipice with her hair blown back; she was about to grasp something that just evaded her. There must be another life, here and now, she repeated. This is too short, too broken. We know nothing, even about ourselves.❞

Virginia Woolf, The Years (via chandr-a)

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Portrait of a young girl, Detail. Circle of Sir Thomas Lawrence

❝In Shakespeare the birds sing, the bushes are clothed with green, hearts love, souls suffer, the cloud wanders, it is hot, it is cold, night falls, time passes, forests and multitudes speak, the vast eternal dream hovers over all. Sap and blood, all forms of the multiple reality, actions and ideas, man and humanity, the living and the life, solitudes, cities, religions, diamonds and pearls, dung-hills and charnelhouses, the ebb and flow of beings, the steps of comers and goers, all, all are on Shakespeare and in Shakespeare.❞

Victor Hugo (1802-1885), William Shakespeare  (via ablogwithaview)

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Empress Alexandra Feodorovna  of Russia (close-up).


(noun) An untranslatable, German word consisting of welt, meaning world, and schmerz, meaning pain. Just as your head can hurt (kopfschmerzen), or you can suffer from a stomachache (magenschmerzen), the world can hurt too. In its mildest form, this is “world-weariness;” meaning sadness or melancholy at the evils of the world. At the other extreme, it’s an existential pain that leaves you reeling with a damaging, head-clutching despair.

  • [literally] world-pain

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She knows nothing herself, and looks upon Emma as knowing everything.

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