Sir Graham Moore by Sir Thomas Lawrence oil on canvas, exhibited 1792. detail

❝I rejoice in the spring, as though no spring ever had been.❞

Theodore Roethke, from “Vernal Sentiment”  (via middecember)

(via middecember)

Das Vergissmeinnicht, Detail. (1886), by Gabriel Schachinger

“Like a nightingale with a toothache.” - Erik Satie’s directions to the performer, Embryons desséchés for piano (1913), I. d’Holothurie.

"Portrait of Mrs C.W.Stoughton, three­quarter length, wearing a white dress" (detail) - by Richard Buckner (1812-1883)


Chief Dan George 

❝We never stop loving silently those we once loved out loud.❞

Marina Abramović   (via middecember)

(via middecember)


Mr. Hiddleston by henriett-h featuring pink home decor


Portrait of Mary Doris Reed Seated by Henry John Hudson (1862-1911)

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